Happy Halloween

Professor Glenn Mosley and me at the University of Idaho.

All Hallows Eve is upon us again. After a successful showing of Skeleton School at the Blue Fox Theatre in Grangeville, another showing is in the works.

My broadcast journalism professor from my days at the University of Idaho, Glenn Mosley, is working with the Journalism and Mass Media department to sponsor a showing of Skeleton School at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre in Moscow, Idaho. He has screened the film and wants students and the community to see it! I am so happy to have support from my alma mater.

I chatted with broadcast media students at the University of Idaho about careers in the media field.

Today I spoke to his broadcast journalism class about what it’s like to be a journalism professional today. Many students are scared about the prospects of limited work and a competitive job pool, but I tried to remind them that the skills they are learning, like how to produce podcasts and create videos, are very valuable skills. The students opened up and asked me many questions, and I tried to use myself as an example of how they can get a job, but also create opportunity for themselves by pursuing their own creative interests.

Sophie says Happy Halloween!

Most likely, the second showing of Skeleton School will be in January 2022. I will update details as they emerge. In the meantime, have a Happy Halloween, from me and Sophie!


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