Meet Niki

I’m happy to announce that someone new is joining the Muse Media crew. Welcome, Niki!

Niki is a multimedia designer with over 20 years of graphic design experience. “I like to call myself a visual storyteller,” she says.

Niki holds a black camera up to her eye in this black and white photo.
Niki Roberts

From designing layouts and marketing materials for Eddie Bauer to creating custom animations for a Pac-12 university, Niki continues to push herself to create compelling visual work that allows others to be emotionally invested in what they see. You can check out her portfolio to see samples of her work.

Her hobbies include photography, knitting, and exploring the outdoors with her poodle, Gus.

More to come when we refresh the site with updated photos in late spring. Welcome to the team, Niki!


A newly published photography book showcasing the beautiful mountains and people of Idaho has been published by Washington photographer Gregory Walsh and Idahoan producer Virginia Lynn. 

Clearwater features photographs of the people and scenery of north Idaho.

Part of Muse Media’s mission is to showcase artists from Idaho, and I learned about this project because I was lucky enough to be part of it.

Walsh attended the showing of my short documentary Skeleton School in Grangeville, Idaho this past September and snapped a photo of the marquis outside after the show. 

Walsh said throughout his road trip along the Clearwater River, it was easy to point his camera in any direction and find something inspiring to photograph.

“I have found Idaho has some of the most pristine and beautiful places on earth,” he said. “I love the Clearwater River, it has a timeless quality to it, a peace and serenity as it meanders through the canyons and open spaces of central Idaho.”

The book is available for order in paperback form on Amazon, and the hardcover edition can be ordered through Lulu Publishing. Walsh said the project wouldn’t have been possible without Lynn.

An experienced talent and location producer, Lynn organized Walsh’s trip through the mountain forests along the Clearwater River. 

“While Idaho is indeed beautiful, it is the people of Idaho, like my neighbors, that make it a lovely place to live,” she said.

New Year, New Career

For the last two years, I have been happily working as a writer and editor for Washington State University’s College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences. We publish stories centered on science research, student projects, and college endeavors from the college’s 16 departments.

Back to the radio!

Next month, I will be starting my new job as a Multimedia Journalist for Northwest Public Broadcasting (NWPB). NWPB is a service project of WSU’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communications, with a mission to bring public radio and NPR stories to our area.

As a radio news reporter, I’ll be covering stories from across Washington state, up to British Colombia, and all over north Idaho. You can stream NWPB online, or download the app for Apple or Android.

Thank you to all my friends, colleagues, and family members who have supported me through the years. I am so excited to return to the radio airwaves, and to see what this new opportunity will bring.

Happy Halloween

Professor Glenn Mosley and me at the University of Idaho.

All Hallows Eve is upon us again. After a successful showing of Skeleton School at the Blue Fox Theatre in Grangeville, another showing is in the works.

My broadcast journalism professor from my days at the University of Idaho, Glenn Mosley, is working with the Journalism and Mass Media department to sponsor a showing of Skeleton School at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre in Moscow, Idaho. He has screened the film and wants students and the community to see it! I am so happy to have support from my alma mater.

I chatted with broadcast media students at the University of Idaho about careers in the media field.

Today I spoke to his broadcast journalism class about what it’s like to be a journalism professional today. Many students are scared about the prospects of limited work and a competitive job pool, but I tried to remind them that the skills they are learning, like how to produce podcasts and create videos, are very valuable skills. The students opened up and asked me many questions, and I tried to use myself as an example of how they can get a job, but also create opportunity for themselves by pursuing their own creative interests.

Sophie says Happy Halloween!

Most likely, the second showing of Skeleton School will be in January 2022. I will update details as they emerge. In the meantime, have a Happy Halloween, from me and Sophie!


Skeleton School Showing

After much planning behind the scenes, Skeleton School will be showing at the historic Blue Fox Theatre in Grangeville, Idaho on Saturday, September 25 at 1 p.m. I suggest arriving early to get a seat. There are plenty of lovely local restaurants in the downtown area to grab a bite to eat before or after the show.

Lauren Paterson stands under a theater marquee which reads "skeleton school."
Paterson under the Blue Fox Theatre marquee

Visit the event page on Facebook to RSVP and see more details about the event.

This special showing will likely be the only in-person screening event. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to complicate in person activities, please only attend if you feel it is safe to do so. You are welcome to wear a mask, or wait for the YouTube link to be available for watching the movie at home.

Sign up to receive an email when the Skeleton School YouTube link is live. Once you are on the list, you will receive Muse Media’s monthly email newsletter filled with media tips, creative projects, and more.

A huge thank you to Blue Fox Theatre owner Chris Wagner for his support, and Gerald Lucas for his tech assistance. Fun small town events like this would not be possible without the people who help make it happen!


Skeleton School Trailer

Watercolor bird series

New prints are now available at the Muse Media Gallery shop on Etsy! Brighten your space with colorful blue and yellow birds.

This series was painted while I lived in Portland, Oregon. I wanted to create artwork for my office to match my bright blue couch with yellow patterned pillows.

A watercolor painting of a grey, white and yellow Western meadowlark perched on a brown branch.
Western Meadowlark in watercolor.

If you’re stuck on how to redesign a room, I find it’s often fun to pick a colorful art piece and choose colors from the same palette to shape the furnishings.

The birds were created using watercolor pencils and felt tip pen. The flock features birds found in the western U.S.; the Mountain Blue Bird, American Goldfinch, Western Blue Bird, and the Western Meadowlark.

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

-Maya Angelou

Prints ordered from the gallery shop will be delivered to you as a digital print, and can be printed as big or as little as you like. Visit the shop to see the new selection.

Etsy shop is live

Muse Media Co. now has an Etsy shop!

One of my favorite parts about having a physical location for Muse Media Co. was creating a gallery space for the community to enjoy. Patrons would stop by to see the new art exhibitions and appreciate the local works, students would use it as a study space, and local artists had a chance to showcase their work and tell their story.

The original Muse Media Co. Gallery space in downtown Kamiah, ID.

Although the COVID pandemic still complicates our modern lives, the internet gives us all a way to connect, and to share art. My hope is to be able to continue promoting up and coming artists in Idaho and share their works.

Visit the Muse Media Gallery on Etsy to purchase any of our digital prints.