Marvelous May

It’s been a busy spring! I’ve been adjusting to my new role at Northwest Public Broadcasting and Spokane Public Radio as a journalist and covering stories across Idaho and Washington. My favorite piece I’ve worked on this month is A Pacific Northwesterner’s Guide to Mushroom Gathering.

Niki is putting the final animation and graphic touches on a new Kickstarter video for a client, and has made some amazing graphics for a local hospital that reflect the culture of our rural area.

Sophie may be 11 years old, but she and I hiked Kamiak Butte this week, a loop more than two miles. She is in great shape and great spirits, and we couldn’t be happier.

A woman in a blue shirt sits next to a red dog with an orange color in front of two pine trees.
Taking a break at the top of Kamiak Butte, Washington.

We’re in the middle of re-designing the Muse Media website so bear with us. Visit the “About Us” page for a sneak peek. Stay tuned for springtime video projects.

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