Meet Niki

I’m happy to announce that someone new is joining the Muse Media crew. Welcome, Niki!

Niki is a multimedia designer with over 20 years of graphic design experience. “I like to call myself a visual storyteller,” she says.

Niki holds a black camera up to her eye in this black and white photo.
Niki Roberts

From designing layouts and marketing materials for Eddie Bauer to creating custom animations for a Pac-12 university, Niki continues to push herself to create compelling visual work that allows others to be emotionally invested in what they see. You can check out her portfolio to see samples of her work.

Her hobbies include photography, knitting, and exploring the outdoors with her poodle, Gus.

More to come when we refresh the site with updated photos in late spring. Welcome to the team, Niki!

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