A newly published photography book showcasing the beautiful mountains and people of Idaho has been published by Washington photographer Gregory Walsh and Idahoan producer Virginia Lynn. 

Clearwater features photographs of the people and scenery of north Idaho.

Part of Muse Media’s mission is to showcase artists from Idaho, and I learned about this project because I was lucky enough to be part of it.

Walsh attended the showing of my short documentary Skeleton School in Grangeville, Idaho this past September and snapped a photo of the marquis outside after the show. 

Walsh said throughout his road trip along the Clearwater River, it was easy to point his camera in any direction and find something inspiring to photograph.

“I have found Idaho has some of the most pristine and beautiful places on earth,” he said. “I love the Clearwater River, it has a timeless quality to it, a peace and serenity as it meanders through the canyons and open spaces of central Idaho.”

The book is available for order in paperback form on Amazon, and the hardcover edition can be ordered through Lulu Publishing. Walsh said the project wouldn’t have been possible without Lynn.

An experienced talent and location producer, Lynn organized Walsh’s trip through the mountain forests along the Clearwater River. 

“While Idaho is indeed beautiful, it is the people of Idaho, like my neighbors, that make it a lovely place to live,” she said.

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